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Myofascial Release

Integrated Myofascial Release Therapy is advanced structural bodywork that focuses on releasing restrictions in ‘fascia’ – this is the continuous layer of connective tissue in each of us that covers the body’s muscles and organs, over every square inch of your body.

When fascia is tight/restricted, which can be due to physical trauma, long term poor posture, from scar tissue left over from operations and more, it can apply excess pressures on your body of up to 2,000 pounds per square inch. This excess pressure can cause pain in muscles and joints, and compress on nerves. Myofascial Release can help to release your fascia, which will remove this excess pressure – as your fascia ‘releases’, so too can your muscular, skeletal and nervous systems start to return to their natural states - freeing you from long-term aches and pains that traditional massage or other forms of physical therapy, which do not work on fascia, cannot touch.

Myofascial Release is a safe and very effective hands-on technique that involves applying sustained pressure or stretches into the Myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. Advanced direct and indirect Myofascial Release techniques are used, in conjunction with tried and tested advanced muscle energy and soft tissue release techniques, and joint mobilisations, for optimum results.

Each Myofascial Release session is performed directly on skin without any oil, which enables fascial restrictions to be felt, and the appropriate amount of pressure/stretch/mobilisation to be applied to obtain fascial release. Sessions normally begin with a consultation to try to highlight anything in your past that might have contributed to fascial restrictions, and a postural analysis, and then leads on to correction of postural dysfunction such as hip or shoulder misalignment, applying a variety of fascial techniques in a variety of positions.

During the session, as some of the tightness in fascia starts to release, you may experience some sensations of “unwinding” - this can be felt as sudden jerky movements, an arm, leg, or neck might start to move seemingly on their own, or sometimes fascial release can be a more subtle, gentle feeling that may even happen some time after the treatment – it’s different for everyone, and depends on how tight your fascia is, and how much releasing it needs to do.

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