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Timeline Therapy (TLT)

What is Time Line Therapy and what can it do for you?

The first part of the question is not easy to answer. The second part is much easier, so we'll start with that:

Time line Therapy (TLT) can help you completely release old hurts, fears, guilt or any kind of trauma, be it big or small, that affects your life today. When issues from the past block your ability to enjoy the present or fulfill your potential and to creatively make your future, it can be very hard to understand or to move beyond them. TLT is an amazing way of approaching those blocks and it can completely free you from continuing to be stuck or burdened by the past. In the process you also gain tremendous insight into yourself and your thinking or behaviour patterns which in turn, allows you to find more self-supporting way of behaving in the future.

TLT is also tremendously powerful to help people who want to find forgiveness. You can easily learn to completely forgive yourself or another, or find ways to release and move on from unhealthy ties. Those who find they are caught in regret or loss of past relationships and who can’t seem to let go, find that TLT really helps them move freely on to a new, brighter future making space for other relationships to blossom and flourish.

So in answer to the first part of the question, perhaps all we can say is that it’s a technique that draws on your own understanding of time and how memories are organised and interpreted. 

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