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Hypnobirthing, offered by Sakina Ballard, is essentially, a set of tools and techniques that reduce stress, increase knowledge and support the underlying processes of birth. Hypnobirthing comprises of Hypnosis relaxations to reduce fear in the mind, affirmations and language tools to build resilience and confidence, visualisations to help the body & mind work together. Plus an understanding of what is actually going on in birth so you’re fully informed and know how to best support yourselves, however birth unfolds, to create an empowering emotional & physical experience.

Hypnobirthing sessions one hour, and can be attended by up to two people. Initial appointments are £75, and follow ups (also 1 hour) are £50, and includes take home resources. Additional two hour sessions can be booked on top depending on how you feel you are progressing, or if you just feel you need more guidance and support. Hpnobirthing can be booked online, or if you have any more questions on Hypnobirthing, please feel free to contact Sakina directly by email: [email protected] or telephone: 07919 095 306.


Some of the most popular questions

When can you start Hypnobirthing?


At anytime in your pregnancy. If you start earlier you get more time to practice, prepare and enjoy. If you start later, you get a whole set of techniques to take into birth. Generally people look to take a course between 20-30 weeks, as this is the time that the changes of the early pregnancy have often settled and there’s a looking ahead to the next stages.

If I use Hypnobirthing can I use other pain relief?


Yes you can! Hypnobirthing’s evidence base is largely around its analgesic affects but there many more anecdotally reported benefits. Because Hypnobirthing is using what is already within you, you can use it with all other pain relief. Our ethos at Tranquil Birth is use what you need to feel comfortable in your birth, just feel empowered to make it all work for you and that’s where we can help you to understand how it all works!

Is this only useful if I’m having a vaginal / caesarean birth?


NO! (Sorry didn’t mean to shout type) but really no. A common myth about Hypnobirthing is that it’s only useful for vaginal births but Sakina has broken down these useful tools and look at how to support all births with them. When you understand the process and have a toolkit at your disposal, you can create calmer and more confident births in all situations. 

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