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Life Activation Healing

Only one session is needed!

Are you ready to heal?

Life Activation is a powerful yet simple system of deep healing and self-empowerment.
It was first practised in ancient times to accelerate the healing and growth within and offered to selected individuals.


Now its available to ALL who wish to heal on all levels, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The techniques are simple and work with your Energetic System. We all have a complex and beautiful energy system (aura) and this energy system can become exhausted, blocked and depleted.

Your energy system will be cleared, balanced and certain areas activated, to allow more life force energy to flow within. Once your energy is cleared, balanced and flowing a final Activation takes place that will awaken dormant cells and areas within.

You will be able to flow more life force energy and accelerate a detoxification process pysically and emotionally. Any stagnant energy or toxins will begin to be eliminated, helping to release old wounds that hold your life force back and therefore you back.

If you feel stuck in your life, feel low, lack energy and motivation, have aches and pains for no reason or fed up with constant stress, want to make changes in your life/health/job then Life Activation will help you.

If you are happy within and with your life purpose, Life Activation will enhance your choices.

Either way you will be able to utilize more of your strength and gifts to make your life, your health, your life choices work for you.


One session is all you need. Allow 1 to 1.5 hours

Session costs £110


Energy Package - Life Activation + Emotional Cord Release £130 (saving of £30)

2 Bottles of Vibrational Detox drops are included with the treatment to help clear out toxins following Life Activation.


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