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Adam Kadmon Activation

Are you ready to heal?

The complete 24 strand DNA Activation.

Activate your body with Light to empower all aspects of your life...

The Adam Kadmon activation is an empowering and transformative modality that helps your body hold more light resulting in an awakening of your full power and potential as a human being.  More light in your body results in manifesting abundance and positive change in your life and puts you back in control.

Within all of us we have our unique blueprint (DNA) which holds sacred encoded information to our physical and spiritual lineage.  Through the AK activation you access the mysteries and potential of who you are and your life purpose.

The  (etheric) DNA is infused with light, awakening dormant aspects encoded within you resulting in awakening your spiritual and physical gifts and abilities and releasing limiting negative blocks. Greater flow, clarity and vitality to manifest your life as you wish.


Who benefits from AK activation?

  • Everyone can benefit from this healing as it is gentle and non intrusive.
  • It will help with recovery from illness, anxiety, depression or chronic fatigue.
  • Feel stuck in a particular area of your life and need the energy to move forward with confidence and clarity.
  • You are ready to develop your divine self and connection to your Higher Self.
  • Ready for change and transformation. 
  • Ready to discover your true purpose and access your divine attributes.
  • Need more vitality and positive energy for self healing or life choices.

Whatever the reason the activation will serve you well. Children and teens will also benefit helping with new found inner confidence and clarity.  Even animals can benefit!.  In fact children and animals have little resistance to the light and absorb it easily.

AK Activation benefit

  • Bring forth unrealized talents and abilities.
  • More Energy and clarity.
  • A balanced and unified energy field (aura).
  • Strengthens your immune system.
  • Increase intellectual and creative gifts amplified.
  • Sharper intuition and connection to Higher Self.
  • Facilitates family and genetic karmic patterns.


  • Shift through emotional and mental blocks holding you back.
  • More awareness of your divine connection and life purpose.


The Activation is an alchemical process aiming to raise your frequency and vibration of energy for positive spiritual and physical transformation.

The  session includes:

  • Full balancing of your energy field/Aura: A complete 'tune up' for your energy field.
  • Etheric healing: Release 'blocks' in your energy and increase flow of vital energy.
  • AK Activation: Infusion of light into the body.
  • AK basic reading:  A personal reading providing insight and guidance.
  • Aftercare:  Includes Vibrational Cleansing Elixirs.


How many session do I need?

The beauty of the AK is that you need just ONE session to be fully activated begin to integrate the body of Light, a higher frequency that will benefit you for life.

It will take around 9 months for the AK to fully integrate into your being. Some people like to come for a 'tune-up' within 3-6 months after activation.  This will be blended with other energy therapies.

AK Activation:  £125 (includes cleansing elixirs)  /  Session:  1.5hrs

AK Activation & Emotional Cord Release:  £145    Session:  1.5hrs

Recommended follow up therapies to help smoother and faster integration of light into the body.

  • Star seed Healing
  • Unified Chakra Healing
  • Etheric healing

These can be combined in one or two sessions, depending on your particular needs. 10% discount on follow up energy sessions.

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