Birth Trauma Resolution Therapy

Birth Trauma Resolution Therapy

Birth Trauma Resolution Therapy

If you have had or witnessed a difficult or traumatic birth, the impact on your emotional and physical wellbeing can be felt long after the birth itself. Birth trauma therapy offers support in processing that experience.

Birth trauma is subjective, meaning it can look a number of ways but is about how we feel. Feelings of loss of control, powerless, worry for our lives or those around us before, during or after birth can lead to feelings of overwhelm when we consider birth.

This can impact your emotional moods, self-esteem, bond with your baby and your relationships, amongst much else.

Birth Trauma Resolution Therapy combines various therapeutic techniques to support processing the emotional tag of the experience(s).  The memories remain but the sense of intrusive emotion and stress around them are reduced.

This can often open up a space where we can feel better emotionally and reconnect with our sense of self in our lives for ourselves and those around us.

The therapy is suitable for those who have experienced trauma in birth directly or by being present during a birth, miscarriages, loss or a journey through fertility.

Birth Trauma Resolution Therapy courses usually run for a minimum of 3 weeks. If you have any more questions on Borth Trauma Therapy, please feel free to contact Sakina directly by email: [email protected] or telephone: 07919 095 306.

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