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Acupuncture is an ancient system of healing that has evolved over 3-5,000 years.  Very fine needles are used at specific points on the body to access the "Qi" or energy/ "life force" which circulates though the body.  If the flow of Qi is hindered because of internal or external physical, emotional or environmental issues, stagnation or pain can occur, and imbalances in the body can follow.  

Acupuncture works on many levels, and can treat a vast range of ailments.  It is maybe most well known for treating pain such as back pain and headaches, but it has also been used for thousands of years for emotional issues, insomnia, fertility and gynaecological problems, beauty, digestion, and so many more things! The WHO (World Health Organisation) has a long list of conditions which have been shown to be treated well with acupuncture, and there are some research fact sheets on the British Acupuncture Council's website.  Please feel free to ask if acupuncture is suitable for you and your condition.  


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