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Low Cost Bowen Clinic

Every Thursday 1-5pm

Half-Price Bowen Technique sessions with Seamus

Many people find Bowen technique to be an effective treatment for a wide variety of conditions, both acute and chronic.

It is a hands-on technique consisting of gentle, precise rolling movements over muscles, tendons and occasionally nerves, carried out in short sequences at key structural points with gaps of at least two minutes rest between each sequence to allow the body to respond.

The Bowen technique is holistic; it addresses the entire body. This is especially important in long standing conditions where there are almost always patterns of dysfunctional muscle recruitment and postural misalignment that have become entrenched.

Often just three or four treatments are needed but sometimes with longer standing conditions more are necessary. Many people receive treatments on a regular basis just as they would a massage to help keep their body balanced and healthy.

£30 for a 1 hour session, please contact us to book in! :)

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