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"I believe that we are all capable of achieving more success in our lives and of feeling much more joy then most of us allow, or believe is possible for us."

Founded in this belief, my chosen line of work is supporting other people to achieve whatever their heart most desires.

I began my adult life training as a teacher specialising in art. A complete lack of confidence and self-belief led me to think that I could never be capable or worthy enough to go on to teach and be responsible for other people's education and certainly couldn't be "An Artist".

The fear became challenge to move beyond those limits. Little by little I found myself taking on more and more interesting work and responsibility. And by the tender age of 23, I was already manager of a Social Services Day Centre for Adults with profound learning and physical difficulties. From being too scared to teach or paint I now had a staff of 6 and 16 clients to attend to.

I guess life has a way of guiding us to where we need to be and to learn the lessons that ultimately make us the strongest. I did a good job, but the effort to overcome my crippling, limiting beliefs took its toll and I suffered a mild burn-out and decided to go off travelling. 

3 children, many years abroad as an expatriate wife and several art exhibitions further on, it was time to return to England, which also proved far more challenging than I had hoped it would be.

My experiences have given me empathy and a real insight into the difficulties faced by people wanting to move to a new stage in their lives. Whether they're setting up business, starting a new career or stopping an old one, or perhaps re-entering the work place after years of unemployment, illness or caring for children or elderly relatives.

Having undergone a lot of therapy related to my childhood, and considering my long-held passion for personal development and creative teaching, I decided to study NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis. I then took a coaching course to extend my skills.

From being the young woman who couldn't dare to consider herself as a teacher or artist, I have now moved on to offering the kind of support service to others that I would have benefited from so much, all those years ago.

The combination I use, of personal coaching and therapy is a powerful one - we look forward towards creating the future you want to create and we look back to undo some of the knots that tie people in to repeating patterns of behaviour and beliefs that constantly undermine all their best efforts. I take the greatest pleasure in helping my clients reach for their highest achievements. 

Sometimes they may want to develop new habits or end old ones. Sometimes it's more about getting a perspective on themselves and their lives to deal with challenging times and sometimes it's about setting something in motion that they want to aim for and being able to stick with it.

I sincerely look forward to being able to help you along you own journey,


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Education: Cert Ed Art, St.Katharine's College, Liverpool

Languages: Fluent Portuguese, colloquial Indonesian

Diploma (L3) Art - University of the Arts, London

TEFL, The Bell School, Norwich


Diploma in personal coaching, The Coaching Academy

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