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Christina is a fully qualified Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Performance Coach and NLP Master Practitioner. She works closely with you to overcome blocks you may be struggling with in your life such as anxiety, phobias, weightloss, stress, bad habits, or anything else* which is preventing you from living a fulfilled life. She loves working with all areas of life transformation, but has a particular interest in helping musicians and other performers with stagefright and other blocks to performance, and is establishing an international reputation in this area.

She has a unique and highly effective approach, combining Cognitive Hypnotherapy with Coaching and NLP, and creating a bespoke package for you based on the changes you want to make. She will then work with you at the deepest level and do whatever it takes to create the life-changing results you want.

She will help you to subconsciously rewire negative pathways and teach you the keys to how the mind works, opening you up to new possibilities, a new mindset, and lower levels of stress and anxiety, and a true sense of being comfortable in your own skin. Your life will definitely begin to take on a new direction. 

Christina has trained with the founder of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, the internationally renowned Trevor Silvester at The Quest Institute, and with internationally renowned coaches Jamie Smart, Michael Neill and Garret Kramer.

She also has specialist training in a highly effective smoking cessation method called the Simmons Method. This is a framework for working with smokers for complete and permanent change, based on our current understanding of how addiction works in our brains and bodies.

If you are interested in exploring how Christina can help you, she offers a free 60 min consultation in person. You can see her at The Little Escape on Sundays between 2-6pm.

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*Some of the problems she can help with: anxiety, panic attacks, stress, depression, low self-esteem, performance anxiety, weightloss, sleep problems, public speaking, phobias, low confidence.


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